Destructive Construction in Landover, MD?

Destructive Construction in Landover, MD?

Imperial Insurance will help you with damage and claims.

What if a structure or building is improperly built or a contractor is injured on a construction site? Do you have protection? With construction businesses, damage to the property, structure complications or claims of injury may occur. Whether you are a subcontractor or a general contractor in Landover, MD, Imperial Insurance offers you dependable coverage. We offer insurance plans that cover everything from remodeling to new construction.

Bonding package for contractor’s insurance

There are typically two types of risks involved:

• Third-party claims of injury
• Damage to property

There is no need to have separate policies for property damage and injury claims. Imperial Insurance will bond these two types of risks into one insurance package to make sure you are fully protected. Don’t wait for destruction or injury to occur. Make sure you and your business are secured today. Choose Imperial Insurance and call us to receive your free quote at 301-808-0266.